Let me tell you a bit more specific about what I make and do. I'm a freelance alternative reality designer, based in Rotterdam. And my work focusses around creating ways to play around with all kinds of limitations. The ones we've set for ourselves and those that are forced upon us by society, governments and corporations. 
Personally I view life as one big game. Sadly enough the ruleset most of the world is abiding to is slowly turning us humans into failure proof programs. Through my designs and concepts I try to offer ways to play this game in a more humane way. 



I recently graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy. I graduated in Advertising with a minor in (social)Gamification. Currently I'm working on a few freelance projects and also my graduation project. Changelings is a roleplaying game set in real life that helps you to play around with the roles that society or yourself has put you in. In this game you will create new roles for yourself that are based on intrinsic motivations. The goal is to make it possible for people to counter the accelerated society in their own way.