Let's make a shift

Changelings is a game which helps you to redefine the roles you fulfil in daily life through play.

About Changelings

The goal of this game is to help you reflect on the roles you currently identify with and to offer tools to change them in a fun way. Through the use of limitations you can expand your comfortzone step by step.

So what is in the game?

Currently I'm working on the following packages.

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Do you want to help?

Currently I'm looking for people that would like to test and give feedback to my working prototype. If you have experience in coding, design or games you can also apply to help with this open source project through Github.

Why Changelings?

This game is created for the people that are troubled by the side effects of the acceleration society. The acceleration society wants us to perform better than we are humanly capable of. The rise of computers helped set a status quo, which is not human at all. Currently people try to deal with this reality mostly through escapism. But it only makes it worse.

Changelings is all about dealing with life through immersion. By taking the act of -playing life- more serious, you can not only change your roles to more human ones, but also influence the world around you to do the same.

This game tries to help people that have difficulty dealing with this overaccelerated world. So if you have had a burn out, or have social anxiety you could give this game a try. It might help you.

More information:

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