Every great nation needs its forms. u0003
Yes, I’m talking about you. You the great leader of yourself. The one that governs your own personal state. You yourself decides what makes a great nation, uhh... great! Some of us are dictators, some of us chosen by the people. No matter the form of government, each needs their forms.

This project came from my personal neccessities for keeping track of some things. I'm still a believer of writing things down. In contrast to digital forms, you can actually see what you are putting in, and out. 

Every leader has their people under their care. With Form State you get your own microcosm. A great city that changes with you. When you fill out your forms, the microcosm gets more alive. Your state is run on forms, you could say it's the currency of your world. The more you put in the more you get back!

This is my own brand of stationary, made for constant change. In an age of constant change...

Oh great leader, what will we do next?

Currently these forms are available for download: 

  • habit tracker form
  • book form
  • idea form
  • planning form
  • to do form
  • form from the past
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