Let’s help moms in Rotterdam South meet each other!
There are many moms in Rotterdam South that are socially isolated and distrusting of institutes and health organisations. We created Mama’s Garden to give them an alternative way to get the help they need.

Mama’s Garden has become a community consisting of moms, students and partners in education, care and welfare. Together they organise informal gatherings for (expectant) mothers and young children with the aim of increasing their social network and the sense of capable parenting. It is also an interactive learning workplace for students of both MBO and HBO with room for innovation and experiment. 

Currently Mama’s Garden pops up in multiple locations all over Rotterdam South. At these weekly playful and approachable meetings they get to know new people, do fun workshops and ask questions about anything. 

This project is made in collaboration with EMI op Zuid(Hogeschool Rotterdam), Mariëlle van ’t Zand and Marlijn Quirijnen. My responsibilities included concept creation, art direction and design.